Building a community of remote workers that inspire eachother, support one another and brew ideas together.

Your home office
away from home.

We’re not doubting your home set up — we’re actually acknowledging that it’s probably pretty comfortable, convenient and easy. We just know its nice to get out of the house every now and again, have a change of environment, meet new people and connect.

So, we’ve created a space that is as close to that feeling of home as possible, except with a collaborative and co-working touch. Its flooded with light, with a well needed cosy corner with access to a small library of books and tool boxes to inspire and support you. Its the perfect blend between home and an office.


We celebrate talent & foster growth

Caring for our community means caring in their growth. From freelancers to self employed to remote workers and teams, we support you to create connections, to start conversations, to share ideas and to shine a light on your work.

Through a series of community meet ups and events, together with membership perks like Office Hours, 1-on-1 sessions with experts regarding topics like ‘personal branding’, we’re committed to support you on your professional journey.

Community comes first

We love the flexibility of remote working, freelancing, self employment and nomad life — it gives us the freedom to design our own lives., and nothing can beat that. If there’s one consequence that comes with it, is that is can sometimes get lonely, missing that feeling of face-to-face connections, human interactions and the in-between conversations.

That’s why our community is at the heart of everything that we do. We’re here to build and nurture a community together, for you and with you — providing a space to create connections in, brew ideas, inspire and support each other along your journeys.

Our Community

Book a Space

The Vats is a co-working space with a network of 24 desks and 2 meeting rooms, designed and equipped with remote workers in mind.


FOR FREELANCERs, self employed, Remote workers & digital nomads.

€15.00 / DAY

(€220 Monthly)

A great option for those looking to get out of the house, meet people and change their work space up a little —  working from home is great, but can sometimes get lonely.

Book a dedicated desk with a (X)" Mac Screen to give yours eyes the screen they deserve.



FOR FREELANCERs, self employed, Remote workers & digital nomads.

€20.00 / DAY

(€300 Monthly)

Perfect for those who spend countless hours at their laptops, dealing with detailed spreadsheets of CAD programmes, and find themselves squinting by the end of their day.

Book a dedicated desk with a 27" Mac Screen to give yours eyes the screen they deserve.



€ 50.00 / DAY

(€720 Monthly)

Ideal for a group of 4 people, from remote teams, project based teams or even freelance friends looking to work from the same space.

Book a dedicated VAT with 4 desks from in each VAT to be close to your remote working comrades.

Kettles Cafè

REMOTE TEAMs & Freelance teams.

€30.00 / hour

Can host up to 8 people.

Room rate is €30/hour and can host up to 8 people.

- AC
- Soundproofing
- TV and HDMI Cable
- Food and Drink Menu Available (not incl. in price)

*Requires approval. All prices including vat.
*Minimum of 2 hours per booking

The Boardroom

REMOTE TEAMs & Freelance teams.

€35.00 / hour

Half Day Rate - €120 | Full Day Rate - €240

Room rate is €35/hour and can host up to 8 people.

Half Day Rate - €120 | Full Day Rate - €240

- AC
- Soundproofing
- Coffee, Tea, and Water
- TV and HDMI Cable
- Catering Services available upon request
- Mounted whiteboards

*Requires approval. All prices including vat.

Everything you need to create your best work.

Choose how and when you want to work with all the day-to-day office management and technology taken care of, with a few extras thrown in the mix.
Fully-equipped kitchen
Fully-equipped kitchen
High-speed Wi-fi
Desktop screens
Food & Beverage discounts
Meeting Rooms
Free water, coffee & tea

The Space

Nestled in History & Heritage

Located in the old Farsons brewery, one of Malta’s longest standing and honourable brands, The Vats are the original steel chambers once responsible for fermenting Malta’s most famous lagers and ales, way back when. Today, these historical vessels that form part of Malta’s heritage, have been retained and reimagined into collaborative works spaces, one of which is now your new co-working spot.


Explore The Brewhouse

Located on level 1 of The Brewhouse, The Vats is the perfect place to put the work in or take the time out. Head down to one of our cafés for lunch, burn off some steam at the gym or switch off in time for tapas at our rooftop beer terrace.

Get directions

Cross the iconic yellow bridge and you’ll find yourself at reception.
Speak to one of the team and they will guide you up to The Vats, located on Level 1.
The Brewhouse
Mdina Road, Zone 2
Central Business District
CBD 2010, Malta
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Frequently asked questions

Can't spot the answer to your question? Get in touch
with our team via

Can I book a coworking space just for the day?

Yes absolutely. You can book a coworking space by the day, as and when needed. Simply select a dedicated desk, private vat or premium dedicated vat and let the change of scenery recharge your creativity.

What are the opening hours?

The Vats will be open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes you can bring your own screen and tech accessories (subject to approval by Management).

Do you have a pet policy?

Unfortunately, we are not pet-friendly as we’re aware that not everyone loves furry friends in their working environment as much as we do!

Can I bring a guest?

Guests are not allowed access to the workspace and communal facilities at The Vats, however you may bring guests into a booked meeting room. If you require a guest to work with you for the day, this is chargeable at the going rate for that space and must be booked through the usual methods online or through our booking system.

Do you have a meeting room?

You can book one of our meeting rooms through our digital app The VATS - Co-Working Space and it will be based on a first-come first-serve basis. The charge depends on what meeting room you book. Our meeting room options are: The Redler Room, The Grist, The Kettles Café Meeting Room and The Boardroom at BRND WGN HQ.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. If guests are coming from outside The Brewhouse, they are required to sign in at reception.

Is parking included?

Parking is free for the first 30 minutes. Then it is €1.50 for the first hour and €1 for every additional hour. You can purchase a 24h ticket for €7 or pay €110/month for access between the hours of 7am to 7pm. Around the clock monthly access costs €150/month per parking space.